Vice president and 
director in charge of the web site

Vice president and
Director in charge of the web site

Jean-Marc Blais (M-256)
Sherbrooke, Qc

Vice presidency:

  • Stand in for the President, when he is absent
  • Assist the President in fulfilling his mandates
  • Sign the Association’s checks in the absence of the President or the Treasurer
  • Prepare recognition awards and have the laminating process done
  • Send the “date of birth” list of regular members to the person responsible for coordinating the Journal 
  • Execute any mandate conferred by the Board of Directors

Web site:

  • Receive and approve any document, photo, suggestion of additions or modifications to the website
  • Send any document for the website to the translator
  • Receive the translated documents
  • Send all documents for publication to the webmaster
  • Receive a publication notice from the webmaster
  • Receive certified true copy of ancestries, biographical files and obituaries for statistical purposes
  • Ensure follow-up of e-mails sent to the Association’s e-mail address and send them to the appropriate person
  • Update Association forms
  • Report on the web activities at each meeting of the Board of Directors
  • Produce an annual report of web activities
  • Hold periodic, or as required, meetings of the web committee in order to follow or pursue the evolution of the website
  • Execute any mandate conferred by the Board of Directors