17TH ANNUAL general MEETING 2017

General Meeting 2017 - Lévis (17th)

Lévis, (qc) - September 02, 2017

As if I had been there….
On Saturday, September 2, 2017 at the Maison des Ainés in Lévis, members of the Blais Association meet old acquaintances and forge new ones, enjoy a cup of coffee while greeting long-standing friends and visiting stands.
The President, Pierre Blais, M-300, is proud to have as many Blais gathered for the occasion and hopes this gathering will constitute a fraternal and pleasurable event rendering homage to our ancestors and associating more and more Blais with the objectives of the Association.

Rare visitors!

Our ancestor Pierre Blais, as personified by René Marcoux, came to meet us. He eloquently told the of the ups and downs of his departure from France, his crossing on the Noir de Hollande, his first years in New France, his marriage to Anne Perrot in 1669 and his marriage to Elisabeth Royer. These jaw-dropping tales held the audience spellbound; they told of the courage and the determination of our ancestors.
During the afternoon, busses brought the participants to one of several magnificent sites: the Chaudière Falls, the Lévis #1 Fort and the Maison Desjardins, which the participants had chosen when registering.
At the end of the day, Blais exchanged souvenirs with old and new friends while enjoying a delicious meal and wine. Draws were held for door prizes and artistic donations submitted to profit Association activities.