Become a member

Benefits of being a member

  • Journal des Blais 3 times a year

  • Free lapel pin ($7.50 value) and, occasionally, other promotional items.

  • Blais ancestry on photo paper provided upon request ($7.50 fee)

  • Access to a genealogical help service

  • Reduced rate for Association activities

  • Right to speak and vote at Association member meetings

  • Automatic entry in an annual draw for a one-year membership free of charge when a member sends in questions, comments or texts to be published in the Journal des Blais

  • Easier sending of genealogical data for inclusion in the Blais d'Amérique data base

  • Easy purchase of Association promotional items and historical publications

  • Great feeling of belonging to the Blais family: share findings, put words, faces and emotions on our history


Membership categories

  • Regular member: $35.00 / year CAN or U.S. or $90.00 / 3 years (in a single payment).

  • Spouse member:  $17.50 / year CAN or U.S. or $45.00 / 3 years (in a single payment). Spouse members have the same rights and privileges as regular members (right to speak and vote at meetings); being a full-fledged member increases the spouse’s feeling of belonging to the Blais family. Finally, spouse members pay the "member fee" for Association activities, such as the annual meetings. However, spouse members do not receive the Journal des Blais.

  • Youth member (0-25 years old): $15.00 / year Can or U.S. or $30.00 / 3 years (in a single payment).

  • Charitable member: $150.00 regular member - $75.00 spouse member. Any member, either a regular, associate or spouse one, who gives to the Association, in a single payment, a amount of money equal to five (5) times the amount of the annual fees of a regular member for the current year in which this member obtains the charitable member title. The acknowledgement «Charitable member» will be valid for a three (3) year period.

  • Lifetime member: $700.00 CAN or U.S. - $350.00 spouse member (always equivalent to 20 times the regular annual membership fee). An acknowledgement "Lifetime member" will be given; no further annual fee will be required from such a member and any further sum of money given to the Association will be considered a donation.
P.S. Membership is for 12 months, beginning from the month in which a person registers (36 months in the case of a 3-year subscription).


It is possible to pay your membership to the Association through Desjardins' AccèsD. For more information on AccèsD, double click on the link.

It is also possible to pay your membership or renewal by transfer Interac. For more information on Transfer Interac, double click on the link.  

Last update for this page: June 01, 2024